Potty Training


KidzCan2 Potty Training Process focuses on positive attitude towards using the restroom and constancy. The following items will need to be kept in your child’s bag at all times:

  1. 3 extra shirts
  2. 3 pairs of pants or shorts (please make sure they are easy to get on and off)
  3. 3 pairs of socks (when they have an accident, socks get wet.)
  4. 3 pairs of underwear
  5. Wipes
  6. Extra pull-ups (used for nap time)
  7. Extra pair of shoes

Routine for potty training is:

Every 30 minutes we take child to restroom

We sit the child on the toilet for 3 minutes each time for the first week of potty training and 5 minutes after the second week.

We rewards the child every time they use the restroom

Pee Sticker

Piece of licorice (with parent’s permission)

Ms Nancy asks parents to please keep on routine at home. This will allow potty training to be a quick process.