Summer Vacation Field Trips

Summer Vacation is approaching! Kidz Can 2 grade school class and Ms. Ezula’s little ducks will be taking field trips all summer long.  All field trips lunch will be provided or children will be back in time for lunch at center.  In order for your child/children to go on a field trip they must have the following items every trip.

Must Haves:

  • Permission slip filled out!!
  • Kidz Can 2 summer T-Shirt
  • Shoes with Back
  • Bathing suit and towel for water trips

Kidz Can 2 will allow parents to make a payment arrangement for field trips please see MS. Alyssa or Ms. Ezula and they will help set you up!

Children will not be allowed to leave building without a Kidz Can 2 summer shirt!!

**Grade school Parents pay in the month of May and only pay $60.00 for all 14 field trips and summer shirt! Pay later and the Cost will be $80.00 for all field trips in the month of June. You may also pay for each field trip individually.

** Ms. Ezulas little ducks Cost for all 5 trips and summer shirt will be $40.00 a child. This will include summer shirt and lunch on all trips. Pay in the month of June and cost will be $60.00